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At Calvi, we believe that everyone is entitled to a clear invoice. As the global pioneer and leading authority in the field of bill presentment (EBPP), expense management (TEM) and billing (VIP billing), we are dedicated to delivering you the best-in-class solution. We have purposely designed our solutions to maximise the business relationship between you and your B2B customers.

What we do

Strengthening your people beyond the realm of tools

As a partner, we provide you with software solutions and expertise that bridges the gap between your Business Support Systems (BSS) and the administrative needs and expectations of your customers. Our solutions help your ‘Operations’ achieve concrete bottom-line savings, bring your ‘Sales’ increased revenue and help your ‘Marketing’ nurture B2B customers. In special cases, such as bids or churn-risk, we provide you with targeted solutions and support for individual high-value customers.

How we work

Strong relationships combined with international expertise

At Calvi, we believe in long-term business relationships and an open and respectful partnership. We are an ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified company and operate from an inspirational working environment. Our head office is an impressive 13th-century castle ‘Kasteel Nederhemert’, which forms the breeding ground for our solutions. We innovate and develop our solutions with passion. The interactive teamwork and the close relationship between our teams in India and the Netherlands mirrors how we envision the relationship with our clients. Our extensive international expertise forms the foundation for delivering excellence in a multinational environment.


How it all started

Transforming a strong vision into a thriving business

Leo van der Heijden (CEO) founded Calvi more than two decades ago, when multiple large enterprise customers and their service providers required help with the challenges of doing business with each other. Large enterprises wanted to ensure that they were able to effectively manage their telecom inventory and cost. The Telcos were facing increasing challenges with their billing & invoicing systems and processes for which they needed advice. Together with his team of business partners and specialists, Leo crafted a great idea into a thriving innovative business. Their vision has made Calvi the leading European company in telecom invoice technology.

How we foresee the future

Always one step ahead

We envisage a world in which the complexity of B2B billing & invoicing is history, and all customers, big and small, receive clear and transparent invoices. Through our extensive research and continuous R&D investments, we make sure that the software we provide delivers the future-proof solution that our Telco clients are after. Agility, flexibility and innovative power are core characteristics which ensure that we, and thus our Telco clients, capitalise on the latest technologies and market trends.

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