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Your customers demand accurate insight into the value of your products and services. They want to be able to quickly verify, process and allocate their organisation’s telecom spend. And they expect you to help them with that. What if you had a billing intelligence and expense management solution that exceeds their expectations and instantly elevates your NPS?

Calvi TEM helps you, as a (tele)communication service provider, to address your customers’ demand for comprehensive expense management tooling. Our intuitive dashboard enhanced with reporting and management functionalities enables your customers to manage their organisation’s expenditures and address their queries. 

Instantly elevating your customer’s invoice experience

We have created a tool with which it is child’s play for your customers to address their specific information need quickly and effortlessly. A self-service TEM platform that allows each customer to personalise the portal and reports to their own needs. Delivering you an out-of-the-box solution, which your customers innately experience as being flexible and personal.

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Meeting and exceeding TEM demands

Our TEM platform is based on our in-depth experience gained from providing our TEM solution directly to corporates and multinationals for decades. This expertise has allowed us to perfect our TEM platform; in its user interface, user experience and in the design of those key features and functionalities that your high-value customers require.


Helps you to meet customer (reporting) demands, reduce customer queries and disputes, enhance customer experience and more…

True convergence of all products and services

Whether it is mobile, fixed-net, M2M, cloud, hardware or other types of billing information, Calvi TEM is able to process and manage them all. Our solution collects and converges all the billing & invoicing information from your BSS systems and presents it to your customers in our self-service portal. By enabling the connection with your customers’ own HR data you deliver one converged overview that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

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Minimal implementation effort, maximum results

We have designed our solution and back-end systems to easily connect with your existing billing systems. We are able to deliver the entire platform to you and your customers within a matter of weeks. With our team of experts, it requires little to none of your own resources to get it done, regardless of your underlying legacy systems or Business Support Systems (BSS).


About the features

Calvi TEM consists of proven features and functionalities, which most of our clients’ enterprise- and corporate customers are willing to pay for. They are packed in predefined product editions, which you can instantly offer as (free or paid) packages to your customers. Some features and functionalities are mentioned hereunder.

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