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Your customised billing solution that meets VIP customers' specific demands

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We know that high-value customers demand personalised attention and that explicit pricing agreements are not an exception. This leads to manual intervention efforts and costly billing and reporting processes, just to meet the requirements of your VIP customers. What if you had a solution that would completely take the worry out of such custom demands?

With Calvi VIP Billing, we deliver a complete billing and reporting solution specifically for your high-value customers, such as multinationals and governments. We help you to quickly respond and deliver to the specific demands of those VIP customers. Ultimately, it makes you feel comfortable with saying “YES” to the requirements in high-value tenders.

Meeting customer-specific demands

Although our TEM and EBP services are capable of dealing with all customers, we know that some of your high-value customers will always demand personalised pricing and service agreements.  With VIP Billing, we ensure that you can meet all these specific demands, without the need of replacing your existing systems. Our expertise and ‘software flexibility’ often is a deciding factor in bids with large customers.

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Ensuring that your high-value customers stay

Calvi has a proven track record with its existing Telco clients in retaining high-value customers and significantly improving customer satisfaction (NPS). We go beyond software and help you to meet the exact needs of those VIP customers by cooperating as your strategic partner. This can vary from dealing with custom pricing plans to the delivery of one converged invoice and tailored TEM reports.


Helps you to win bids, increase customer retention, reduce invoice-related disputes, increase NPS and more...

Eliminating excessive operational costs

Calvi VIP Billing eliminates manual intervention and other error-prone and costly billing and reporting processes, that are often in place to comply with customer-specific demands. With our flexible corporate billing engine, we automate these processes and limit the operational load on your internal organisation. You will be taking advantage of our in-depth experience of working with both Telcos and their large corporate customers, such as multinationals and public sector clients.

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About the features

Calvi VIP Billing is full of all of the proven features and functionalities you find in Calvi TEM and Calvi Bill Presentment, strengthened with our billing engine and personalised for your high-value VIP customers. Some features and functionalities are mentioned hereunder, but each individual case can be unique. Just feel comfortable to say 'yes' to your customers and use us as your expert-partner. 

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